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Anti-Bribery Management System

The Foundation for Support to Research, Education and Extension - Funep, always seeking to be ahead of its time and offer the best services to its partners, started in March 2020, the work aimed at the certification in the ABNT NBR ISO 37001:2017, which has the goal to provide requirements and guidelines for the establishment, implementation, maintenance and improvements of an Anti-Bribery Management System. Thus, organizations certified by this Standard must have an Integrity Program or Compliance Program that meets all nine Pillars considered essential, which are:

  • Top Management Support
  • Risk Assessment
  • Ethics and Conduct Code
  • Internal Controls
  • Training and Internal Communication
  • Reporting channels
  • Internal Investigations
  • Due diligence – previous one or due one or previous analysis
  • Auditing and Monitoring

To meet the requirements contained in these Pillars, Funep created policies and procedures and several other documents, which aim to support and highlight all the ethical and transparent work which is conducted daily within our Foundation.

After the implementation of the Integrity Program and the elaboration of all this documentary mass, Funep underwent an extremely demanding and rigorous External Audit, carried out by the Certification Body QMS Certification Service, from 16 to 18 December 2020, and for our enormous satisfaction, we obtained the CERTIFICATION, as shown in the Certificate.

It may be important to contextualize the Standard, bearing in mind that in 2013, Brazil passed the Law 12.846, called the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law, which provides for the administrative and civil liability of legal entities for the practice of acts against public, national or foreign administration, and also makes other arrangements. In 2015, Decree 8,420 was approved, which regulated the Law. With the advent of the Law and Decree, it was possible to launch, in Brazil, the ABNT NBR ISO 37001: 2017 Standard, which implements the Anti-Bribery Management System in Organizations.

Still contextualizing, in 2014 the “Lava Jato” operation began, carried out by the Federal Police, which was a milestone in terms of dismantling corrupt groups and organizations. This operation was widely publicized, nationally and internationally, which made Brazilians and foreigners know a dark and obscure face of Brazil. On the one hand,”Lava Jato” Operation was sensational due to the dismantling it provided, on the other hand there was a mega exposure of this face of Brazil, bringing, to large foreign organizations, distrust and insecurity in entering into business / contracts with Brazilian Companies.

Thus, it is increasingly clear that in a short time, Third Sector Organizations, such as Funep, will have to present an Integrity Program, which has in its scope, controls to combat not only bribery, a cruel form of corruption , but also other mechanisms against fraud and other illicit practices.

Funep, showing its pioneering spirit, is one of the first Support Foundations to achieve the Certification in this ISO, as shown in the Charter, precisely to give its partners the certainty and tranquility that they are working with an incorruptible and honest Organization. , with which they can sign contracts / agreements and invest their resources, being it in financing research projects, sponsoring events or publishing books, without the fear and insecurity that there may be any kind of misconduct.

To obtain the certification in the ABNT NBR ISO 37001: 2017 Standard, Funep had the support of Qualtec, a consultancy specialized in the development, implementation, improvement, training and internal audits in Management Systems; with the work of the Executive Board and its Employees, as well as with the agreement, authorization and support of its Board of Trustees.